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Our Services

From reporting to management, end-to-end Back Office solution!

Back Office Solutions

From managing groceries, tracking lottery, inventory management, and SIT and Fuel Reports, we’ve got a solution that fits your needs.

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Interactive Displays

From lottery to promotions, check out our cloud based display solution to give your store a modern and interactive edge over your competition.

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Data Analytics

Take the guessing out of important business decision. Our Ai solution makes real time decisions and suggestions to push inventory, promotions, and sales.

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What Makes Us Different?

Simple. Secure. Data Analytics.

While most Back Office Solutions are riddled with complex modules and confusing navigating panels, our simplified solution provides all those features in a simple-to-use back office software. Our solution analyzes sales and opertional data and gives concrete feedback and suggestions to help you better manage your business. Furthermore, our customized customer facing displays can promote products and boost sales.

What We Do?

We simplify the reporting and managment process of your business & provide data analytics to help you make key business decisions.

Inventory & Reporting

Track and Monitor shortages, generate reports, manage inventory detail, pricing and margins, and generate closing reports.

Employee Tracking

Add and Manage employees and vendors, create timesheets, manage shifts, and store employee data securely.

Data Driven Decisions

Filter through custom graphs and charts, drive decisions for inventory, get concrete suggestions to increase profitablilty & manage margins.

Lotto & Sales Displays

Customizable lotto and promotion displays to increase customer interaction and boost sales. Truly eye catching, proven sales increase >25%.